Motorherberg HEALBIRD
Van Sminiaweg 125,
9064 KH Aldtsjerk           

Tel: 058-2561043 of: 06-23866705    
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The Inn


The property was build around 1910. Much has been rebuilt and changed throughout the years, such as the keeping of cattle, which had not been done for many years. The animals walking around currently are a rooster, four chickens and a cat. Most of the original features of the building are kept intact, such as the barn doors, the stable-windows and the well. We bought the barn in 1994 and in 2007 we started working on the idea of starting a motor inn.

As for ourselves, Henkie Stielstra and Ludo van der Meer, we are working on our greatest
hobby since many years, moimg 2030 thumbtor riding. We have visited many countries and places, but finally the time came to realize our dream of starting an inn. So why not in our beautiful Friesland, in our own home?

We couldn't think of a more appropriate place!

After rebuilding, we have established five bedrooms for spending the night. All of the bedrooms are doubles en two of them are fitted with an authentic cupboard bed; modified, however, to suit current standards.

Camping out in the backyard is still an option, although you will risk getting woken up by the rooster in the morning. We have room for about 5 tents.

Behind the inn we have constructed a cosy and sheltered terrace and fireplace.
For outdoor grilling, a barbecue is present.

After a day of riding and enjoying our beautiful Friesland, you can go inside the inn where you can rest and relax in the lounge. Music, reading materials and comfortable couches for a cozy evening are available. Breakfast is also served in this room.

At the front of the house we look out over grasslands, with a forest beyond (which is worth strolling around in). At the back we look out over more grasslands. At night, when the sky is clear, you can see the lights of the many lighthouses situated on the Dutch Wadden Islands.

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